Testimonials/ Picture Gallery

"Ashley and DA Family, 7 years ago we forced you into our family, and you welcomed us with open arms unlike any other studio could. Ashley and company - you all truly love all our kids and do like a loving Aunt wants only the best unconditionally. It’s not just dance, yes you make them better dancers, but you make them better young people. Know that you always have our support, know that we always will support you all - no matter what. That’s what family does and we don’t plan on going anywhere. Last - thank you for pulling off a performance during the most difficult time ever. (recital 2020 during a pandemic!) Your commitment to, “the show must go on,” makes concrete to the fact - you’ll do anything for your DA family. And we loved it, thank you all for making this the most memorable recital ever. 

-Justin (daughters ages 9 and 11)

"You guys are amazing! I can’t tell you how thankful we are to be a part of the studio for the last 2 years and many more to come. Y’all went above and beyond for the kids and your love for them and dance shows! The show was amazing. Thank you all for everything you have done this year during these crazy times!! 

-Melissa (daughter age 3)

"You guys are absolutely incredible. We will stick by your side through thick and thin because of the love you show our children. We are so happy to have found DA and couldn’t dream of being anywhere else."

-Nicole (daughter age 6)

"Thank you so much for everything you all have done! Not only are you teaching our kids how to be great dancers, but you have also shown them how to work hard and persevere when things aren’t perfect."

-Sara (daughters age 10)

"Thank you for being so understanding of our situation and respecting us and my daughter every step of the way. I know as a business owner there are a lot of decisions that you have to make and I am thankful that you really took the time to make sure mostly everyone was as comfortable as we could be given the situation. I am happy she has a place where she can be herself and you guys be so understanding of her boundaries, yet pushing her to be a better dancer. Dance was one thing we looked forward to every Tuesday on zoom during quarantine. Next year's show will be even better because the girls have shown so much growth and perseverance through it all."

-Jeanette (daughter age 8)

"As a father of a senior daughter who has spent over a decade of her youth at your studio, I need to express the joy and gratitude of how much you and the teachers have helped mold our daughter into the amazing woman she is becoming. She has learned a level of self confidence that is unparalleled, hard work, and that life isn’t always easy but the golden rule will lead you down the right path. From wonderful role models for the dancers before her to learning that she is a role model to the next generation, the Dance Academy has prepared her to never let anyone tell her that she can’t do something. She is petite but thanks to Dance Academy, she is feisty and confident. Our family can never express our gratitude to all who have helped her along the way."

-Chris (senior daughter age 18)

"I’ve been trying to process all of the emotions from this year. There was so much fear, and chaos, and uncertainty. (covid 19) But through it all, we had one constant, DA. I know I’ve said it before, but we are so thankful for our dance studio and all of the teachers. You guys all love big and push the girls hard to be their best selves. (The girls may not always appreciate the push, but in the end they are better people and dancers for it) You provide the dancers a safe and fun environment and that is so important when nothing else in their world is making any sense right now. Sincerely, thank you ladies for all that you pour into our dancers. And for all that you poured into recital. So much love was felt in the showcases on Saturday. You said it best, I’m not sure who can fill the seniors’ shoes and we parents have big shoes to fill as well. Just know you have our support always. We love all of you to pieces and are so grateful we walked into your studio 10 years ago!"

-Tonya (daughter age 13)

"The Dance Academy has become a second home for our three girls! We originally put our middle daughter in ballet at age 3 because she was painfully shy and we were legitimately there for some social interaction and personal growth. The teachers were so amazing with our baby- she got hooked. She is still quiet, but she has confidence, stage presence and such a love for dance! Fast forward 8 years later, she is still at DA and her sisters have joined as well. They leave class tired, smiling and ready for more. Not only does this studio turn out AMAZING dancers, they help raise up kids that you can be proud of. They push, encourage and have fun with the kids all year long. When the kids are in the older classes they do expect a little more but the reality is a job will expect you to be prepared, be on time, have a good attitude and be a a good teammate so I love it!!! My kids aren’t there yet, but when I look at the girls who are seniors in this studio I see kids at the top of their class, they all have jobs, they volunteer, they have college goals etc. and they dance on school teams and DA teams! I can’t say enough good things. We love The Dance Academy!!!"

-Sarah (daughters ages 9 and 11)